Björn Meyer



Celebrating the unique Eberhard Weber - 80 years!

Very happy to be part of this special event in Forum Merzhausen - please check the CONCERTS for more information and join us in the celebrations!

Just announced - Björn Meyer awarded the Swiss Music Prize 2019!

Extremely happy, overwhelmed, grateful and inspired. Thanks to all for letting me be a part of this unique swiss community since 1996!

Provenance - CD/LP -  still out there!

I am very happy for all the fantastic reactions and inspiring support - thanks for listening!

New Solo Concerts confirmed

- check the Dates!

News from Bandcamp!

The signed copies of Provenance are sold out but the music is still available in all formats!

NEN - our first Structures released - Have a listen!

Provenance - Digital - Online!

One Link to Provenance on all platforms .. have a pick!

Björn Meyer awarded the "Musikpreis 2018 des Kantons Bern"!

Feeling very happy, honoured, a bit dizzy but inspired and full of motivation!

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